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Unable to publish subtitle with the automatic login


Sublight version : 2.5.9
Bug: The user is unable to publish a subtitle, when using the automatic login of the application becouse of disabled fields at the tab "Publish Subtitles". If the user logoff and logon, the fields in the "Publis Subtitle" tab are enabled, allowing its use.
How to reproduce: Start the application ( Sublight ). Go to "Publish Subtitle" tab. It´s fields should be disabled.
Work around: Manually logoff and login.
--When the user is logged off, the "Publish Subtitle" tab shows the message "Subtitles can only be published by registered users", This message is not show in the case described above.
--The "Published by me" option, at the "View" tab works fine.
--The application acknowledge the automatic login, and show the user data at the bottom of the screen normally


Sublight wrote Nov 20, 2010 at 9:50 AM

Thank you for your detailed report. This issue is now fixed with Sublight version 2.6.0 (available for download from )

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